Thursday, 17 June 2010

2010 NSW Open

A number of member sof the Ryde-Eastwood Chess Club competed in the 2010 NSW Open and the U1600 tournaments.

In the Open, Arthur Huynh drew with top seed GM Zhao ZongYuan in Rd 2. (Game below, moves taken from Brendan Norman's blog here.) Results are here and here.

In the U1600, Tereza Grbin, Lou Damaschino, Mark Aspin, Greig Edwards, Vince Chiara, and Noah Gong competed. The results are here. I understand Greig won $20.

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

There is also some video footage if your are interested in Sydney chessplayer/blogger, Brendan Norman, here BUT Warning: it takes some time to load.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Game from the 2010 US Championships

Further to my earlier blog about the Nakamura-Shulman game, here is the webcam footage of the game. Watch Nakamura's facial expression and body language especially from 4:15 onwards. Note that there is a background story to the defeat of Nakamura. Going into the Quad finals of the Championship, Nakamura, typically of his brash attitude, announced that Shulman will be the 4th GM the three GMs contenders, namely Nakamura, Kamsky and Onischuk will be looking to score a full point. Or in Aussie parlance, Shulman in Nakamura's view was the "bunny" or "patsy"! Well, the gods have a sense of humour ......

Additionally, ask yourself, how long will you take to resign in this position?

Further, persevere to the discussion of the Shabalov-Stipunsky game where Black blundered badly giving Shabalov the game, the 1st placing in the Consolation tournament and USD10,000 at wround the 18:20 mark.

For more videos from the US Championship, check out the link from Chessvibes here. Also the cartoon from José Diaz is very apt and funny.