Thursday, 24 November 2016

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Annual Dinner and Presentation

Dear Members,

You and your partner are invited to our annual presentation followed by dinner in the Golden Hawk Restaurant.
The presentation will start at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th December in our chess room.
If you would like to come to dinner the cost would be:-
Member - $15
Partner - $35
If the member is a child and orders from the kid’s menu there will be no charge
If your partner is a child and orders form the kid’s menu the cost will be $10
Each member is allowed one partner.
The menu is (here), if you can organise a group of 4 or more and are seated together you can order the banquet, otherwise you must order from the set course menu.
Please let me know ASAP if you wish to come to dinner and pay Mohan Pagadala be for 7.30pm Wednesday 7th.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Outstanding Service: Rob Watson!!! and Annual Presentation and Dinner

The Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club annual presentation and Christmas dinner will be held on Wednesday 7th December. Invitations will be sent out  shortly. Keep the date free on your calendar.

More importantly, last Tuesday the Leagues Club held a dinner for the committee members of the
various sub clubs and one of our committee members Rob Watson received an
award for outstanding service to our chess club! Congrats!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Ryde-Eastwood Chess Club Classic

Dear Members,
Our R-E Classic competition starts on Wednesday, it’s a long play competition with one game each Wednesday for the next 7 Wednesdays. If you wish to compete please let me know before 6.00pm on Tuesday.
Also the finals of the Club Championship starts Wednesday.


Les Mikolajczyk

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

2016 Chess Olympiad

From the ACF newsletter:

The Olympiad opens tomorrow 1 September and play commences 2nd September.

GM David Smerdon offers a user friendly guide at in two parts (19 & 21 August) on why the women play separately, how many players in a team, how pairings are made, who the big teams are, what the schedule is, who is likely to win gold, drug testing, anticheating, and how Australia shapes up in the face of all this.
You can watch the official site here or listen to commentators on servers like chess.comchess24 or ICC.
The August Olympiad edition of Australian chess magazine 50 Moves offers an Australian perspective with a historical survey of 21 great Olympiad moments by GM Ian Rogers.
The country lists with individual team composition are published on the official website.
A useful statistical resource for chess team events is Olimpbase.
Australia’s own WIM Biljana Dekić is playing in her 12th Olympiad. And GM Eugenio Torre is playing in his 23rd for the Philippines.
courtesy of ACF Newsletter 16/8 31 August 2016 Editor: Frank Low

Congrats and Welcome to Australia's latest and newest Grandmaster (elect)!!!

Australia now has 6 Grandmasters in chess with Queenslander Moulthun Ly achieving his 3rd and final GM norm at the 2016 Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival Masters Tournament. GM-elect Moulthun will be representing Australia at the 2016 Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan which begins on 1st September (play starts on 2nd September). The title will become official sometime in November 2016. Moulthun is a truly original nice guy and great role model for the youngsters coming through the ranks in chess. He has also contributed back to youth chess eg, being instructor at the AusJCL annual JETS camp as well as acting as selector for AusJCL. His achievement came on the heels of Sydneysider Max Illingworths' GM title last year. Presently, Australia also has Victorian IM Justin Tan actively pursuing the GM-title overseas, mainly in tournaments across Europe. Justin has 2 GM-norms and is seeking his 3rd norm.

2016 NSWCA Grade Matches - Congratulations!!! Ryde-Eastwood U1700 Champions

The Ryde-Eastwood U1700 team has won the 2016 NSWCA Grade Matches U1700 competition. Played over a gruelling two months period with weekly matches, Ryde-Eastwood has triumphed with a score of 22/36. There were 4 teams and each team played the others 3 times. Ryde-Eastwood scored 2-2, 3-1 and 1.5-2.5 against UNSW; 2.5-1.5, 3-1, 1-5-2.5 against Cabra-Vale; 1.5-2.5, 4-0 , 3-1 against Harbord. Best individual performers were Mohan Pagadala (1481) with 5/8 (+4=2-2) and Suranga Seneviratne (1625) with 5/9 (+3=4-2), Shane Dibley (1486) with 4/5 (+4-1).

Ryde-Eastwood came second in the tough U2100 competition with 24/36. Arthur Huynh scored a remarkable undefeated 6.5/7. Christopher Ball dis well with 6/9 (+5=2-2) as did Patrick Wiggins with 6/8 (+6=0-2) and Egon Cardenas with 5/7 (+5=0-2).

The U1500 team came third in the U1500 competition with Yifu Wu (6.5/9 +5=3-1), Mohan Pagadala (5/7 +5=0-2), (5.5/9 +4=3-2) carrying the team.

Arthur, Egon, Patrick (U2100), Yifu, Mohan (U1500) all won individual performance prizes as well.

Congratulations!!! Well Done!!! Three Cheers!!!

Monday, 29 August 2016

2016 Bobby Fischer Cup

Dear Members,

The Bobby Fischer Cup competition starts on Wednesday, it will be a rapid play competition with a time limit of 20min + 10sec/move, there will be 3 rounds each night for 3 Wednesday nights. If you wish to play please let me know before 7.00pm tomorrow night.

On Wednesday 14th September the NSWCA will conduct the Grade Match presentation and a lightning competition in our chess club room and you are all welcomed.

Also on Wednesday 7th September we will be relocated down stairs to the Sports Bar.


Les Mikolajczyk

Monday, 15 August 2016

Chess Lightning Competition

Dear Members,
Due to some unforeseen circumstances we are 2 weeks behind our program, hence our Lightning Competition will start on Wednesday, if you wish to compete please let me know before 7.00pm on Tuesday 16th August 2016.

Les Mikolajczyk

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

An inspirational Film based on a true story

Lecture by GM Ian Rogers

Dear Members,

On Wednesday 18th May, Australia’s greatest GrandMaster Ian Rogers will give us a lecture on chess and some recent games. The lecture will start at 7.30pm and finish at 10.00pm, at 8.30pm we’ll have a break and we will have some trays of finger food for all.
During the lecture there will no chess played in our room.
If you wish to attend please let me know ASAP so I can arrange adequate seating and food.


Les Mikolajczyk

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ryde-Eastwood Chess Club - Club Championship 2016

Dear Members,

Our Club Champions Competition starts on Wednesday 24th February NOT this Wednesday as stated in my earlier email. The time limit will be 40 moves in 90min and then 30min complete the game, one game will be played each Wednesday for at least the next 10 consecutive Wednesday’s depending on the number of entries. For those of you who have already replied you will be included in the draw. If you have not replied and you would like to compete in the Club Championship please let me know before 6.00pm Tuesday 23rd February.


Les Mikolajczyk

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Ryde-Eastwood CHESS - Club Championship Rapid Play Competition

Dear Members,
Our rapid competition starts on Wednesday, there will be 9 – 25 minutes rounds, with 3 rounds played each Wednesday.
If you wish to compete please let me know before 8pm on Monday.

Monday, 18 January 2016