Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club 2010 Presentation

Dear Chess Members, another great chessic year has come to an end and we had some titanic battles for chess glory as well as just pure chessic fun.

Here are the achievements for this year.

If you cannot see it well, please click here to go to the pdf.

Great to have got to know some of you a bit better this year. Hope to do more of the same next year.

A very Blessed Christmas to all those who are followers of Jesus Christ and a Happy and Safe Holidays to all others.

See you all in the new year and be warned! I am studying and practising my chess!!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fun video ...... what chess for spectators should be?

A great fun video from the London Chess Classic (happening now):

Friday, 3 December 2010

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic 2010_Round 7 Results

Round 7

Escalante - Kuru 1-0
Mallari - Galwey 1-0
Patterson - Marton 0-1
Grbin - Edwards 1-0
Hale - Eyres 1-0
Mitrovic - Irmler 1-0
Chiara - Hickey 0-1
Kirillov - Mere 0-1
Mikolajczyk - Williams 1-0
Valenzeula - full point bye

Friday, 26 November 2010

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic_ Cross Table after Round 6

Les has prepared a cross-table for the 2010 Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic here.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Ryde Eastwood Club Championships Grand Final

Last night was the final night of play in the 2010 Ryde Eastwood Club Championships Grand Final with a round-robin between the best six players of the Club. And nothing was certain going into last night. Rob Watson had a chance to win outright if he wins and joint first if he draws; Bill Gletsos needed to win to possibly share first; Lou Damaschino similarly needed to win to have a chance to share first.

Bill's game finished relatively early as he defeated Mark Aspin. Then came the wait, the agonising wait. Lou played Egon Cardenas. I am not sure what was the verdict on the game (as my game ended late as well) but Egon certainly did not help himself as he spectacularly self-destructed to an obvious tactic losing material and ending up a whole Queen down.

So we have now Bill and Lou on 3.5/5 with everything hinging on the last game to finish, which fittingly was Rob Watson vs Josh Christensen. Now, Josh must have something to prove after dropping the game last week to Egon which dashed all his hopes of taking the Championship outright. Fighting for pride, Josh ended an exchange up, a Rook for a Bishop and the position totally blocked. Josh could not find a way through. Both players were also under a bit of time pressure to make time control at 40 moves. They did, a massive exchange occurred and suddenly it was a won endgame for Josh with a Rook for a Knight and two passed pawns. Josh played accurately and Rob could not hold the position and lost.

That meant, Bill Gletsos and Lou Damaschino as 2010 Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Champions. Congrats to both!

Here are the round by round results:

Round 1

Damaschino - Christensen 0.5-0.5
Gletsos - Cardenas 1-0
Watson - Aspin 1-0

Round 2

Christensen - Aspin 1-0
Cardenas - Watson 0-1
Damaschino - Gletsos 1-0

Round 3

Gletsos - Christensen 0.5-0.5
Watson - Damaschino 1-0
Aspin - Cardenas 1-0

Round 4

Christensen - Cardenas 0-1
Damaschino - Aspin 1-0
Gletsos - Watson 1-0

Round 5

Watson - Christensen 0-1
Aspin - Gletsos 0-1
Cardenas - Damaschino 0-1


=1st Damaschino, Gletsos
=3rd Christensen, Watson
=5th Aspin, Cardenas

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic 2010_Round 6 Results

Round 6

Galwey - Escalante 0-1
Grbin - Mallari 0-1
Kuru - Marton 1-0
Kirillov - Patterson 0-1
Hale- Mikolajczyk 0.5-0.5
Hickey - Burgess 0-1
Edwards - Mitrovic 0.5-0.5
Williams - Chiara 0-1
Eyres - Valenzuela 1-0
Irmler - Siow 0.5-0.5
Mere - full point bye

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic 2010_Round 5 Results

Round 5

Escalante - Mallari 1-0
Galwey - Hale 1-0
Kuru - Kirillov 0.5-0.5
Burgess - Grbin 0-1
Marton - Irmler 1-0
Chiara - Patterson 0-1
Mitrovic - Hickey 0.5-0.5
Valenzuela - Edwards 0-1
Mere - Mikolajczyk 0-1
Siow - Eyres 0-1
Williams - full point bye

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

World Blitz Chess Championship 2010

The World Blitz Chess Championship is taking place from the 16th-18th November, 2010, in Moscow after the Tal Memorial tournament. The participants include eight players from Tal Memorial 2010 - GM Levon Aronian (ARM) 2801, GM Vladimir Kramnik (RUS) 2791, GM Pavel Eljanov (UKR) 2742, GM Alexander Grischuk (RUS) 2771, GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (AZE) 2763, Boris Gelfand (ISR) 2741, GM Sergey Karjakin (RUS) 2760, and GM Hikaru Nakamura (USA) 2741.

They will be joined by 3 invited players - GM Magnus Carlsen (NOR) 2802, GM Ruslan Ponomariov (UKR) 2744, and GM Peter Svidler (RUS) 2722, as well as the six section winners GM Maxime Vachier Lagrave (FRA) 2703, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi (RUS) 2720, GM Boris Grachev (RUS) 2654, GM Rauf Mamedov (AZE) 2660, and GM Boris Savchenko (RUS) 2632. GM Teimour Radjabov (AZE) 2744, GM Sergei Movsesian (SVK) 2721, GM Fabiano Caruana (ITA) 2709 and World Junior Champion GM Dmitry Andreykin (RUS) 2683 have been invited to complete the field of 20 players.

For results after first day, see here.

Here are some of the videos of the games (all videos by bumblebee1607):

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Annual Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Presentation Evening and Dinner

Dear Chess Club Members,

The year is drawing to a close and it is another successful year for the Club. To celebrate our successes, come along for the Presentation Evening followed by Dinner at the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club's Hawk's Nest Restaurant. The Invitation, Dinner Menu and cost are in the documents following.

Presentation and Dinner Invitation


Children's Menu

Dear Chess Club Member,
I invite you and your partner to our annual presentation and dinner evening on Wednesday 15th December. The presentation will start at 7.30pm in our chess club room, followed by dinner in the Hawk’s Nest Restaurant (see attached menus).
If you would like to attend dinner the cost will be;
For a Chess Club Member--------$20
For their Partner--------------------$30
For a Child that is a member of the chess club and orders from the children’s menu---$0
Could you let me know if you will be attending the dinner by the 8th so I can inform the restaurant.
Please pay Tom before the 15th or you can direct deposit the amount into the Chess Club’s bank account, details are;
Commonwealth Bank West Ryde
BSB No.062 271
Account No. 1009 5836
If you direct deposit please inform Tom, his email is
Hope to see you there.
Les Mikolajczyk

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic 2010_Round 4 Results

Round 4

Mallari - Kuru 1-0
Patterson - Escalante 0-1
Hale - Grbin 0.5-0.5
Kirillov - Hickey 1-0
Edwards - Burgess 0-1
Mikolajczyk - Marton 0-1
Mere - Mitrovic 0-1
Irmler - Williams 1-0
Eyres - Chiara 0-1
Valenzuela - Siow 1-0
Galwey - half point bye

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic 2010_Round 3 Results

Round 3 (corrected today 10th Nov 2010)

Patterson - Mallari 0-1
Burgess - Galwey 0-1
Escalante - Kirillov 1-0
Chiara - Hale 0-1
Mitrovic - Grbin 0F-1F
Hickey - Irmler 1-0
Bredin - Mikolajczyk 0-1
Williams - Valenzuela 1-0
Marton - Mere 1-0
Eyres - full point bye
Kuru - half point bye
Edwards - half point bye
Siow - half point bye

Friday, 29 October 2010

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club Classic 2010_Rounds 1 and 2 Results

Round 1

Patterson - Hickey 1-0
Marton - Mallari 0-1
Escalante - Mikolajczyk 0.5-0.5
Edwards - Kuru 0-1
Galwey - Mere 1-0
Williams - Hale 0-1
Mitrovic - Valenzuela 1-0
Eyres - Irmler 0-1
Chiara - Siow 1-0
Cheng - Grbin 0-1
Burgess - half point bye
Bredin - half point bye
Kirillov - half point bye

Round 2

Hale - Patterson 0-1
Mallari - Mitrovic 1-0
Kuru- Chiara 1-0
Irmler - Galwey 0-1
Grbin - Escalante 0-1
Mikolajczyk - Burgess 0-1
Kirillov - Bredin 1F-0F
Hickey - williams 1-0
Valenzuela - Marton 0.5-0.5
Siow - Edwards 0-1
Mere - Eyres 1-0
Cheng -full point bye

How to Demolish the ...Qd6 Scandinavian courtesy of GM Alexey Shirov

Annotated game with a win by one of my favourite players, GM Alexey Shirov. He demolished fellow Soviet emigre (now Dutch), GM Sergei Tiviakov, in a ...Qd6 Scandinavian. {Fellow club members will know that Josh Christensen essays the Scandinavian at Club games. Here is how to defeat him courtesy of GM Shirov. :) :) :)]

Annotations courtesy of GM Kevin Spraggett:
I have known Alexi since the Paris Open in 1990 when he was just a lanky 17 year old , beginning to compete in ''western'' tournaments. Already at that time he was of GM strength and demonstrated a remarkable talent for complex, messy chess where the initiative is the only thing that really counts.

There are many gifted players who have attacking skills just as pronounced as Shirov's, but what separates him from the crowd is that with Shirov's attacks there is a certain irresistibility involved. Almost as if no matter how well you defend Shirov will always come out on top....his resourcefulness, imagination and tremendous energy never seem to exhaust themselves (they exhaust his opponents first!).

Witness his game yesterday against Sergei Tiviakov, where Shirov takes apart Sergei's favourite opening by simply throwing everything at him and going straight up the board for the jugular....

A topical line of the Scandanavian (1.e4 d5 2.PxP QxP 3.Nc3 Qd6!? ). I have played it once or twice myself--from either side! Tiviakov seems to have made this his main defence against the King Pawn openings. I mean, he seems plays it almost all the time these days!

I have never understood why some very strong grandmasters (and make no doubt: Sergei is one of the best in the world) continually play opening lines that are slightly inferior. But let me qualify myself: the Scandanavian is slightly inferior because it seems that Black always has an uphill battle to achieve an equality that can be more comfortably obtained by playing a more theoretical opening.

But Sergei has quite a reasonable score with it: he loses rarely, wins occasionally and makes a lot of draws. In other words, it has served him well and he obviously feels comfortable with the positions that arise from it. Nevertheless, I wonder if Sergei is not pressing his luck by playing the Scandanavian against whom ever sits down opposite him, regardless of his opponent's last name. Some players simply should not be provoked, and Alexi is one such player...

Here is the Paul Keres game mentioned in GM Spraggett's annotations:

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ryde Eastwood Club Championships Grand Final

As you know, I got the details of the Ryde Eastwood Chess Classic horribly wrong (but they are now corrected). However, I did get the Club Championships Grand Final correct, which started last week. In case you wish to know who is playing (and this may influence your decision to play in the Classic since winning it is easier ......), here are the finalists:

Group A

Group B

Group C
ROB WATSON 10.5/11

Now if I am a betting man, I would open a tab and start giving odds ......

1) Bill is a wily experienced campaigner, but playing week in and week out against us patsers have taken their toll, his ACF rating is slipping but he still have a trick or two (or even an Ace) up his sleeve. Surely he must be the favourite.

2) Lou is an improving player but may have hit a plateau for a time. It is just a matter of whether you caught him on one of his improvement spurts and if so, watch out!

3) Josh is also experienced, well, he certainly has learned how to mate with a knight and bishop and he knows well his Lucena endgame (hmmmmmmm! wonder whether he knows the Phillidor or the Vancura Position?), and he has real ambition to win the title and will be Bill's main rival.

4) Mark is another improving player and I have it on best authority that his improvement is due to ChessGrandmaster software ...... He has certainly improved since the day of his first game (rapid) with Alan Marton where he allowed Alan to bamboozled him and swindled him out of a win. But realistically, an outsider chance.

5) Rob, another experienced player on a comeback to chess after years of layoff, has shrugged off his recent illness, got on with his chess but does he have the stamina? He certainly has the skill ......

6) Egon has improved tremendously in the last 6 months (those sessions with Arthur certainly did no harm). Will be the dark horse in the race.

[disclaimer: The description given above are definitely tongue in cheek and bears no resemblance to reality!]

Friday, 15 October 2010

Ryde Eastwood's Classic (corrected)


Our annual Chess Classic competition starts on Wednesday at 7.30pm. If you want to compete let me know before Tuesday 5.00pm (LMikolajczy [at]

It will be a long play competition 1 game each Wednesday for 7 rounds.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ryde Eastwood's Classic and the Grand Final of the Club Championships begins ...... [corrected]

Beginning on 20th October [corrected] and until the 1st December [corrected], the Ryde Eastwood's Classic [corrected] and the Grand Final of the Club Championships. Last chance for the last Ryde Eastwood Chess Club tournament for the year. Email Les Mikolajczyk (LMikolajczyk [at] if you wish to play.

[This post was edited on Friday 15th October 2010 at 11:08 am.]

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad

The 2010 Chess Olympiad has started in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia. The official website is overloaded, well what can you expect from Siberians/Russians, eh? Nothing like the German efficiency two years ago where every game was broadcasted!! Live games are found here with Rybka 4's analyses and results are here and here.

Games can now be re-played here by clicking on the result of the individual game.

It seems there were a lot of "upset" draws eg, IM Sam Collins (Elo 2431) holding GM Alexander Grischuk (Elo 2760) with Black on Bd 1 of the Russia 1 vs Ireland match and Malaysian No 1 player IM Mas Hafizulhelmi (Elo 2422) with White holding English No 1 GM Michael Adams (Elo 2728).

The only GM to fall, I think, is one of my favourite palyers, Swedish GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (Elo 2517) losing to Surinam's CM Dewperkash Gajadin (Elo 2179) on Bd 2 of their match.

Both Australian teams began well with a 4-0 clean sweep of their opposition. A great induction especially for the Women Team's Bd 4 player ACT teenager/junior Emma Guo.

Here are the Australian Olympiad Open team's Rd 1 games against Bahrain which we won 4-0:

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

And here are the Australian Olympiad Women Team's games against Nigeria which we won 4-0 including a 14-moves miniature on Bd 3 by WIM Biljana Dekic:

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Tonight: Australia Open plays the Mighty Armenia! (2006 and 2008 Gold Medallists) (RtgAvg=2698) who struggled a bit against Costa Rica last night dropping two draws. Australia Women plays Slovakia (RtgAvg=2349) who defeated Malaysia last night.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Miskolc 2010: Peter Leko vs Boris Gelfand in Miskolc, Hungary_Games 7 and 8

GM Boris Gelfand defeated GM Peter Leko 4.5-3.5 in an 8-games rapid match. Here are the games 7 and 8 with annotations courtesy of Chessbase and GM Ferenc Berkes and IM Gyula Mészáros, "who has been his trainer for fourteen years now".

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Monday, 30 August 2010

Miskolc 2010: Peter Leko vs Boris Gelfand in Miskolc, Hungary_Games 5 and 6

GM Boris Gelfand leads after winning Game 5 in a Petroff.

Here are the Games 5 and 6 with GM annotations courtesy of GM Berkes and GM Meszaros:

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Miskolc 2010: Peter Leko vs Boris Gelfand in Miskolc, Hungary

From Chessbase:
This Rapid Chess event is taking place in the National Theater, 1 Déryné str, Miskolc from August 25–29, 2010. The number one Hungarian grandmaster, Peter Leko takes up a duel of eight games against the top Israeli GM and World Cup winner Boris Gelfand. The games are being played at a rate of 25 minutes for all moves plus an increment of ten seconds per moves.
Peter Leko has been doing this every year since 2005 when he played English GM Michael Adams. Then it was GM Anatoly Karpov, GM Vladimir Kramnik, GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Viswanathan Anand from 2006-2009.

Here are the first 4 games with GM annotations courtesy of GM Berkes and GM Meszaros:

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Spanish Chess League CECLUB Honor Division

From Chessbase:
The Spanish Chess League CECLUB Honor Division is underway in Sestao, Vizcaya, 23rd-28th August 2010. It is a 6-round event with 10 teams. The first 4 rounds are a Swiss, with the final two rounds to decide the final places.

There are nine players rated 2700 or higher (Shirov, Ponomariov, Navara, Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave, Bacrot, Gashimov, Almasi, and Jobava), as well as 30 more rated at least 2600, such as Kasimdzhanov, Caruana, Vallejo Pons, Short, Rublevsky, and Le Quang to name a few.
Here three games (annotations courtesy of Chessbase):

Saturday, 21 August 2010

NH Chess Tournament

From the NH Chess Tournament here is a surprising easy win for US GM Hikaru Nakamura and there is a twist to the whole story. I will let GM Ian Rogers (courtesy of Chess Life Online) explain:

Nakamura,Hi (2729) - Van Wely,L (2677)
4th NH Chess Tournament Amsterdam NED (7), 2010.08.19
Opening: Sicilian Najdorf

Losing a game in 17 moves is bad enough, but worse was to come for van Wely when the editor of New in Chess, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, showed van Wely a copy of his article in the as yet unpublished issue of New in Chess.

In it van Wely states "Not 12...Nd7 because of 13.Nd5! Qc5 14.Nb3! Qc6 15.Na5 Qc5 16.Nxb7 and Black loses." Never would a player have received less satisfaction from having their analysis proved correct.

After the game, which lasted less than one and a half hours, both players appeared somewhat shell-shocked. They stood outside the press room discussing how such an error could be possible and whether the line was playable at all.

"My memory started to go when I was 25," admitted van Wely, perhaps giving Nakamura pause to think that he might only have a few more years left to get to the top.
In GM Rogers' notes there is the reference to the earlier game between Smith,Bryan (2468) and Laznicka,Viktor (2636). Brian Smith turned up at Chess
Life Online and posted this comment:
Can we chess players please make a pact to let my poor game with Laznicka go to rest? You know, like a wounded horse - maybe it is better to just shoot it, that might be more merciful, right?

Please, couldn't someone point out that I was just up a rook in a completely won position that Laznicka would have simply resigned if there were even a somewhat normal amount of time on the clock. As it were, each of us had 15 seconds or so for five moves, which should have been perfectly sufficient as well, but I guess nerves (and a gigantic crowd around the board) interferred. Not to mention the fact that my final blunder was made on move 41 (!) after the time control was reached and I was winning again, because i wanted to make one more move "to make sure". Ironically, I did not even make that move fast enough! Instead, the correct move would have forced resignation...So please stop revisiting my pain.

I have no idea why this silly game was picked up by all commentators - after all, Laznicka played many good games in the World open, surely this was his worst. It is also one of the most silly games I have ever played. Besides that the opening is simply aweful, white can win in multiple ways which various commentators have pointed out and even I saw during the game (although was unable to come to a good decision because of extreme tiredness due to playing another tournament just before the world open). So why Van Wely repeated it is actually baffling. Thanks!

Bryan Smith
For readers enjoyment (and education) here is the Smith-Laznicka game annotated by GM Lubomir Kavalek (courtesy of the Huffington Post):

Friday, 20 August 2010

NH Chess Tournament_Videos

Here are the Game of the Day from ICC Chess:

Caruana-Van Wely (commentator: GM Joel Benjamin)

Van Wely-Nakamura (commentator: GM Joel Benjamin)

Giri-Ljubojevic (commentator: GM Alex Yermolinski)

Match Efimenko-Naiditsch

Match of the classic chess Mukachevo, August 12 - 18, 2010
The chess match between Grandmasters Zahar EFIMENKO (Ukraine) and Arkadij NAIDITSCH (Germany) was organised by Universal Event Promotion and the Mukachevo Chess Club 32x64 in Mukachevo, Ukraine on 12-18 August 2010.

The best player of Germany, Naiditsch, achieved a victory against the Ukrainian national team player, Efimenko, by a narrow margin: 3,5 points to 2,5 points. Naiditsch won the second game of the match, while five other games were drawn.

Annotated games courtesy of Chessbase and GM Mikhail Golubev: