Friday, 1 May 2009

Chess Videos

One of my aims in starting this blog for the Ryde-Eastwodd Chess Club was to try to assist members to improve their chess. Now, I cannot do this by giving tips or advice since I am a pretty dismal player myself. [I only finally won my first game on Wednesday night in the Club Championship Preliminaries!!] However, I do spend a fair bit of time surfing the Internet on chess and other non-chess related stuff. So here is something I have been aware for some time (chess videos on the Internet)and this particular video (only 48 mins long) is worth watching for club chess players new to the Sicilian. It is part of a regular series of chess videos made by a FM from USA, Dennis Monokroussos, who also hosts a programme on Playchess (I don't have a Playchess subscription and so have never watch any of those Playchess videos). Denis also blogs at, a blog worth reading. In any event, here is the link to the video on Sicilians (other than the Najdorf):

Please be quick since the video is free to watch for the first month only. Whilst visiting the site, check out the other videos by Denis as well as by other US players (including a video by one of USA's newest GM, Josh Friedel):

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