Tuesday, 15 March 2011

GM Jan Gustafsson and GM Peter Svidler Talkfest

Chess Base has a new "publication": Ask the experts Vol.1 video talk show with the two grandmasters, GM Jan Gustafsson and GM Peter Svidler, with very good English I must add, first broadcasted on Playchess and now uploaded on YouTube by Chessbase.
This is a sample of the show "Ask the experts" broadcasted on the playchess.com server. Viewer can ask questions directly to our experts, for Vol.1 Gustafsson and Svidler answered a lot of questioned concerning the Mainz tournament, endgame techniques, 1.e4 e5, Sveshnikov and Rossolimo and the Russian Superfinal. The whole show is avalaible on the playchess.com server in the Premium section.

The next show is on march 17th with GM Victor Bologan! Don't miss!

If you cannot view properly then view on YouTube here.

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