Saturday, 9 November 2013

Countdown to the 2103 World Chess Championship_Post #1

Unless you have been in seclusion doing serious training, you would know that the greatest World Chess Championship of the new millennium has begun and Round 1 starts today at 8:30 pm AEST. The world champion is GM Viswanathan Anand and the challenger is GM Magnus Carlsen. The venue: Chennai, India.

Lots of information about the game can be found at the following sites:
Official website
Chessvibes (very good summary here)
Crestbook - Preview by super-commentator GM Sergey Shipov (in Russian but link is to GoogleTranslate version)

Live video streaming: official website
All India Chess Federation (official Youtube Channel)

Mobile devices:
IOS (eg iPad) (free official app)
Android (free official app)

Live games can be followed:
Chessbase - Playchess (pay subscription)
ChessTV (pay subscription)
ICC ChessFM (note that ICC is offering first two days commentary free but there is a one month free trial for ICC membership.)
ChessTV with super-commentator GM Sergey Shipov (not sure whether it will be in English or Russian)

BUT if you wish to have an on the ground Australian GM commentary, go to for a preview by GM Ian Rogers.  BUT only if you sign up (free 10 day trial) and post a comment or two will commission more articles from Ian Rogers. Please support fellow Australian.

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