Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ryde Eastwood at NSWCA Australia Day Weekender

Greig Edwards, Anton Smirnov and Dylan Siow-Lee also joined the fun at the NSWCA Australia Day Weekender held at Norths Leagues Club despite the 44 deg Celcius temperature outside. Greig managed 2/7, Anton (3/7) whilst Dylan achieved 2.5/7. Others who played were Arthur Huynh (4.5/7), Lorenzo Escalante (4/7), Josh Christensen (3/7), Arthur Huynh (4.5/7), Alex Su (2/7), Vincent Chen (2/7) and Jasper Hong (2.5/7) who has now joined the Club. But the biggest surprise (well, not to Club members who had to face him last year) was Jowenn Lua (unrated) who scored 5/7 and won a prize. A member of the Club "complained" (I won't name who) that it was difficult to play an unrated player whose actual playing strength is 2000. Well, Jowenn might not have the element of surprise anymore at future tournaments but he may still be unrated since I understand he requires a minimum of 9 games to be rated ... (??) I saw his last game against Karel Hursky and he managed to win with a very neat combination. I have to get the game off him and post on the blog.

Two other surprise results were Jasper Hong defeating Anton in R4 and Herman Rachmadi in R1.

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