Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ryde Eastwood members at Australian Open 2009

There were 3 Ryde Eastwood members at the recent Australian Open 2009 in the Norths U1600 section, Anton Smirnov, Greig Edwards and Dylan Siow-Lee. In case you did not know, Anton was the joint winner of the Norths U1600 (9/11) and Greig Edwards won the prize for the best U1300 result (7/11). Congrats! (and Greig owes me a beer!)Smirnov senior played in the Australian Open and managed a joint 6th-9th (7.5/11). Dylan managed 5.5/11 and he was happy he achieved 50% in his first adult tournament. Two other juniors also played in the Norths U1600, the brothers, William and Noah Gong. William achieved 4.5/11 and Noah 3.5/11. As you may well know, the Gong brothers are now members of the Club. Noah and Anton were also featured in a write-up of the Australian Open in the Manly Daily.

I asked Greig for a game he was proud of and he nominated the following where he "sac'd a bishop" and won with 2 passed pawns. And may I add, there is the beautiful pawn structure at the end of the game.

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