Monday, 22 March 2010

Videos of GM post-game analysis from 2010 Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess

I begin with Magnus Carlsen's blindfold game win over Levon Aronian (King's Indian Defence) (see also previous blog here):

Next is another loss by Levon Aronian (rapid game)to Vassily Ivanchuk (Reti Opening). Aronian is having a bad Amber after winning the 2009 edition. Vassily Ivanchuk has been leading before Magnus took over the lead but recovered the lead after Rd 7.

Next we have the win by Vugar Gashimov over Alexander Grishuck (A Benoni Defence by Gashimov). Gashimov stopped Magnus in Rd 7.

Grischuk bounced back with a win over Peter Svidler (in a Semi-Slav Defence):

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