Friday, 28 May 2010

18th Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament (2010)

From the Nordic coolness of Malmo, third city in Sweden which I visited last year with my family comes the 18th annual Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament. Dylan and I also visited Limhamn Chess Club and Dylan played in a junior tournament organised by Limhamns (and Connie Holst) where he came second in his age group. Here is the website for Sigemans and here for Limhams SK and here for the tournament Dylan played in.
The Limhamn Chess Club is proud to invite the players, the chess audience, the media and the sponsors to the 18th annual Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament. The tournament will take place at the classical Hipp Theater in central Malmo, for the thirteenth time. As in the previous year, six players play each other in a round-robin tournament.

This year's tournament is, to a large extent, a Nordic competition, with only one player from outside the Nordic region. Once again, the home team contains Tiger Hillarp Persson, one of Sweden's best chess players, and the most interesting young Swedish player, the 16-year-old Nils Grandelius. Add to that Pia Cramling, who has not played in the Sigeman Chess Tournament since 2001, and Jonny Hector, who probably has never been better than now. The Swedish players face young Norwegian Jon Ludvig Hammer, who has made a name for himself, despite having to compete with his fellow countryman Magnus Carlsen, with a number of impressive results during the last two years. Last, but not least, we have Holland's latest chess star and the world's youngest grandmaster, 15-year-old Anish Giri, who, in addition to being the youngest, is the tournament's highest rated player.

Tournament Schedule
Round 1 Wednesday 26 May 14.00-21.00
Round 2 Thursday 27 May 14.00-21.00
Round 3 Friday 28 May 14.00-21.00
Round 4 Saturday 29 May 14.00-21.00
Round 5 Sunday 30 May 12.00-19.00

From Round 1, here is an interesting game with the Slav Defence and it seems an important theoretical novelty by White on move 12 (pawn sacrifice).

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