Tuesday, 18 May 2010

NSWCA InterClub Grade Matches 2010

It is that time of the year again, the cold winter evenings and you are stuck in a car with three other chess players on the long drive to Rooty Hill and you are definitely examining your sanity in agreeing to play in the Grade Matches again this year. Or you just lost to someone rated 100 point lower than you after winning for most of the game and the game lasted 3 hours. Now you face a long drive home from the southern depths Greater Sydney, namely St George, all the way back to civilisation near Ryde.

Or you could be the Fantastic Four who came joint first in the U1400 last year making all those trips worthwhile. What/whichever it is, the NSWCA Interclub Grade Matches are on again (actually it begins next week). This year we have the same Four Amigos (***) (with a name change from Ryde-Eastwood Checks to ...... is it enough?!) attempting to go one better (?) than last year and win the U1400 outright! (see here)

[Of course I claim to have actually contribute to the Checks success last year even though I never did receive the recognition (sob! sob!). After all I, playing as reserve, took a half-point off a Rooty Hill player rated 300 points above me! HiYah!! C'mon guys, that was a valuable half-point! ]

We also welcome back some former club members (***) and new members (one from the barren landscape that is Canberra!).***

Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club Chess Club have 3 teams in the Grade matches this year. They are (drum rolllllllllll):

U1400 Knights
Vince Chiara (El Capitan)
Alan Marton
Mark Aspin
Greig Edwards

U1400 Hawks
Doug Eyres (le Capitain)
Jothan Gunn
Tereza Grbin
Egon Cardenas

U1400 Reserves
Bruce Williams
Ricardo Maldonado
Stephen Dennis
James Hickey
Les Mikolajczyk

Les Mikolajczyk (Der Kaptein)
Lorenzo Escalante
Rob Watson
James Hickey

U1600 Reserves
David French
Vince Chiara
Tereza Grbin

Note: The U1600 team has no name. C'mon, you cannot seriously play without a catchy name. Otherwise how are you going to distract your opponent! But seriously folks, we (ie club members) need to come up with a name for the U1600 team. Let's have a name competition. Send your entries to wengnian.siow8@gmail.com.

For the first week, the Knights are playing the Hawks. Huh?! Well, I guess at least it is good to get this friendly game out of the way! the un-named U1600 (see how awkward it is without a name!) is playing away to Norths Brown Bears.

For club members not playing in the Grade Matches, casual games (and postponed games from the Club Championships Preliminaries, namely moi!) are the order of the day.

*** Guess who?

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